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Check out our feedback from previous clients. 

I cannot say enough 

I have been seeing Rebecca for about 6 months for several health issues I have and I cannot say enough about her knowledge, process, beliefs, methods, kindness, and personal touch she gives to her clients. I thought I knew what eating healthy meant or by 40 how to read a nutrition label, but after just 1 session and a thorough grocery store shopping lesson I realized I had so much to learn from her. 

I recently was diagnosed with a new medical condition that is quite scary and confusing and would require me to completely change my diet. understanding what I could and couldn't have, what to cook. 

~ Aimee Mason Zeidman

Forever Grateful

I can't say enough good things about Rebecca! She is a great mentor and friend. She has helped me immediately get my health back. When I started working with Rebecca, I was on a very restrictive diet, and really didn't enjoy the foods I was eating. Furthermore, Rebecca discovered how inflammatory my diet was, because it contained so much meat! Now, I enjoy eating again and my digestion is so much better! I have been very underweight for the past 3 years, and have finally started gaining. Rebecca is also very knowledgeable with supplements, which has been an important part of my healing. Forever grateful. ❤️

~ Heather Brown

I feel so much better

I don't often write reviews but I have been working with Simply Healthy Living for over 8 months and what a difference it has made ( I feel so much better). Rebecca is super supportive and gives great guidance on everything from Food to Beauty to Home Care. I even have my teenage daughter working with her!

~ Kim Sullivan

I am so thankful

For months I had been struggling with digestive issues. I was in and out of the hospital and had been to several doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong. My neighbor recommended Rebeca and she was so eager to help. After explaining to her what was going on, Rebecca was able to figure out a plan that would help my digestive issues. With several changes and eliminations of foods in my diet, along with added supplements I began to feel better so quickly! Rebecca is so knowledgeable and without her I don't think I would have felt better as quickly as I did! I am so thankful that she was able to help! Thank you so much Rebecca!

~ Olivia

Rebeca is Amazing

I am 52 and struggling with auto immune hence weight gain and feeling exhausted... her guidance and knowledge changed all of that for me.

You wont be disappointed. I tried it all and this was what worked. Good old fashion nutrition and healthy living.

Beyond Grateful

I am beyond grateful to have worked with Rebecca as my nutritionist. We instantly hit it off and tackled so many issues including digestion, dairy and gluten sensitivities, weight loss, cleansing, perimenopause and the list goes on. I also had my teenage daughter work with her and I am amazed by her results of a 20 pound loss. It did wonders for her digestion as well as her self confidence! Rebecca always has a suggestion to any problem or substitution for any food and is so easy to work with. Always willing to help in any way she can. I will always consider her a friend.

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